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Chiavari Chairs | Perfect for Weddings & Events.

When planning your wedding, you want to take every single detail into account, from the ceremony to the reception that will undoubtedly last the rest of the night. One detail that should not be overlooked is the chairs, as they will be a fixture in your guests' space for longer than the actual ceremony. While wedding trends come and go, the furniture that is often used at receptions remains timeless. One of the most popular options for wedding chairs is the Chiavari chair. This type of chair fits every type of wedding aesthetic, no matter the style and add a certain air of elegance to the celebration.

Chiavari Chairs – Colours and Styles

The Chiavari chair, which is sometimes called a Tiffany chair, comes in different styles, colours and types, and we offer some of the most popular, well-loved options of all. These options include the silver, ice and Limewash chairs, each of which is able to fit with ease into almost any wedding theme or aesthetic. With the growing popularity of the chair for receptions, you can trust us to always have the perfect Chiavari chairs for your wedding or event in stock.

Indoors or Outdoors?

No matter if you want to use the chairs indoors or outdoors, the Chiavari chair is strong enough to weather the elements. The resin version of the chair is commonly used outdoors because of its durability, its construction ensuring the finish won't chip or require repainting after use. The wooden model is most commonly used in indoor spaces to give a more elegant appearance while still being just as durable. The wood Chiavari chair is crafted out of beechwood that has been sprayed with paint in order to fortify it against scratches and chipping. Because beechwood is so lightweight, you can easily stack up the chairs and move them around to rearrange the room to your liking.

Receptions and Weddings

Alongside being used in the reception area of weddings, the Chiavari chair can easily be used at banquets with plastic folding tables and catering tables alike. This chair is among the most popular event chairs and for good reason with their versatile nature. The chairs can also be used with chair covers of your choice to really change up the appearance of the chair and allow it to more easily be worked into your event space and decorating theme.

Rustic Style Weddings

Each one of these chairs has a place in various events with their different hues and styles. Silver and ice-coloured chairs are best for formal, sophisticated settings and are neutral enough to easily fit into any colour scheme in your wedding. The Limewash chairs are best for those who have a rustic-style wedding, as they can provide your guests with comfortable padded seating while adhering to your rustic-style wedding aesthetic.

Fast UK Delivery

No matter the number or style of Chiavari chairs you might need, we will provide trustworthy, safe delivery to your event space. Whether you want to furnish a wedding reception, banquet or other event, we make it possible at a low price that won't break the bank and won’t add extra costs to an already costly event. Contact us today.