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Cross Back Chairs

Cross back chairs have become increasingly popular throughout the UK in both the wedding and event planning industries. These chairs stack easily making them both easy to transport and store and are perfect for any venue.

Here at Tiger Furniture we stock the two popular types of cross back chairs those with an oak finish and the more rustic style.

Oak Cross Back Chairs

Our Oak finished cross back chairs are well made, stylish and elegant and look great when used for those more formal occasional occasions such as formal weddings, award dinners, and presentations. These refined looking chairs look great with table cloths of any colour either plain or lacy.

Should you want to dress up our oak cross back chair for a reception or wedding venue the X part of our cross back back chairs make these chairs perfect for tying on those large bows.

Rustic Style Cross Back Chairs

Our rustic style cross back chairs are perfect for those more casual events such as beach or garden weddings or that rustic reception in a barn. They also work great for charity dinners held in halls as well as for events that require extra seating for speakers. Our Rustic cross back chairs look perfect in settings where you want to create a more casual atmosphere that feels a little less formal. While they can be used out of doors, we recommend they only be used temporarily and in nice weather.

If you own or manage a rental company that rents out seating, having a quantity of our cross back chairs among you stock may help you attract more business since many venues are using these types of chairs nowadays.

Great for Restaurant or Pub Seating

While our cross back chairs are perfect for those companies who rent seating for special occasions they also work perfect when used as regular seating in restaurants and pubs. Our oak finished chairs look good in high end restaurants while our more rustic cross back chairs are perfect for pubs, coffee shops and those more casual dining establishments.

Wooden chairs are much more appealing to your customers than those metal chairs and are a great way to set your business apart.

Cross Back Chairs Are Surprisingly Affordable

Our cross back chairs are surprisingly affordable making them an excellent value suitable to meet various needs. Here at Tiger Furniture we do everything possible to keep our prices competitive so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a great chair for less than you might expect.

We Can Handle Orders of Any Size

Whether you are looking to own just one or two of cross back chairs, or a thousand or more we can fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently. We even ship express delivery for those of you who need and want your chairs immediately.

So if you are ready to increase your stock of stacking chair for your rental or other business then why not consider cross back chairs from Tiger Furniture.