Cafe Furniture


Cafe Furniture

Our selection of cafe furniture – extensive range

Our extensive range of Cafe Furniture includes chairs, stools and tables suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Designed for contract use you’ll find an array of colours and styles suitable for all tastes and applications.

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Café Furniture

Any place is space without furniture. It is not just the pieces of wood to cover the place but it creates the ambiance that we want for our place. Once we set up a place with the matching furniture and appropriate accessories, that place becomes something that soothes our eyes. Not only the personal space but if we talk about top brand cafés or restaurants, they have incredible furniture that not only makes their brand look classic but facilitates in attaining the attention of the customers.

  • Furniture Items we offer

The customer is the king in case of any business no matter what the business or brand is. If the customer is happy, the brand will reach the greatest heights. Tiger Furniture is one of the prominent names in the UK in regards to café furniture. We have a wide array of high-quality café furniture with the latest designs available. Our range of products includes indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, complete café and restaurant sets of furniture.

  • Flexibility is the range of products we offer

We, at Tiger Furniture, have a hold of traditional furniture items as well as contemporary furniture items for both indoor setups and outdoor setups with guaranteed quality raw material used. Our flexibility in products makes us stand out from other furniture café manufacturers. We have different designs of tables and chairs in all the trending colors you may be looking for. Give your café a vibrant look or make it as simple as you want, we have solutions to all your furniture tastes.

  • Our range of material used

We have an extended collection of products with different materials that depend on the product to product. Whether you are looking for furniture for your café, restaurant, food corner, bar or hotel, we are here to offer all types of furniture you are looking for as per your requirements.

  • Prices you will love

Sometimes our choice of products does not fit in our pocket and we have to compromise in either of the aspects. Most of the time choice has to be compromised. But, not anymore, if you choose Tiger Furniture. We have all kinds of products in all ranges of prices. All that makes a difference is the material used. One of the products to go for any indoor or outdoor commercial cafe furniture is the plastic one that not only fulfills your budget but also looks perfect with your commercial surroundings.

  • Variety of styles

Our company provides the furniture in all shapes and sizes. We have round tables, square tables, and rectangular tables and in a different range of colors. Similarly, we have chairs with different styles and shapes with variations in height. And we have everything that can make your commercial place more eye-catching.

Overall, we offer a complete range of furniture for your commercial place whether it is a café, bar, food point or anything that requires furniture items. All the products are created uniquely in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Most importantly, the café furniture we offer considers the customers' comfort before being manufactured. If you still think, there is something that you need clarification on, we are always here to answer all your questions. We are just a call away.