Hotel Furniture

Hotel Furniture

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Our range of hotel furniture includes hotel chairs, stools and tables suitable for indoor an outdoor use

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Hotel Furniture

Tiger Furniture offers the best products which will surely impress your guests and visitors. Our furniture is designed to complement the cosiness of your hotels, as they are made to convey beauty and comfort to you and your clients. We provide different styles ranging from naturalistic, modern, and even minimalistic designs to make sure that you’ll have furniture which will fit your hotel’s look. Our team offers chairs, stools, tabletops, and table bases capable of bringing the best out of your establishment, and there are unending options to choose from. These products can be installed in lounges, receptions, and common areas to add a touch of luxury to your hotel. If you desire quality, beauty, durability, and versatility in your hotel furniture, then we will gladly assist you.

Hotel Chairs and Tables

Our jaw-dropping fixtures are the result of our experience in this industry. Every single chair or table that we offer is made with the highest level of craftsmanship, and they are formed from first-class resources such as high-grade wood and fabric. We incorporate traditional methods with modern innovations to ensure consistency.


Your furniture’s adaptability is our great concern. We desire to provide you with fixtures that can be applied to any given space. Our products are guaranteed to create a better atmosphere and ambiance in your hotels, and they will keep your clients or guests cozy and comfortable. Tiger Furniture also offers customised furniture design for specific projects and orders.

We offer different designs to match your preferences. If you opt to go for a traditional yet sleek style, we have wooden tables and chairs to suit your interiors. These timber-based products are handmade by expert craftsmen, so you need not worry about the quality. We also offer cushion-based seating fixtures for a more contemporary style, and they are very comfortable to use and attractive to look at. Additionally, we have leather-based seating furniture which provides a luxurious experience for your clients. All our chairs and table designs have a wide array of colour selections, and they can easily match the accent of your hotel’s indoor spaces.

Outdoor Hotel Furniture

For exterior furniture, we have tons of chairs and tables suitable for gardens and pool patios. These intricately crafted furniture are guaranteed to endure tests of nature and time, as they are specifically designed for outdoor activities. With Tiger Furniture’s products, your guests will have a great experience in their relaxation and unwinding routines. We offer bar tools and outdoor tables for dining which will help in giving your clients peace of mind.

Our company does not only offer eye-catching products, we also provide furniture services in hotels such as speedy delivery, space designing, and precise furniture installation. We make sure that our services are free of hassle through systematic methods and techniques which we have gained through our experience in this industry. Tiger Furniture has the necessary credentials and skillset to back the quality of our services and products. Rest assured that we will bring you excellent fixtures which will attract many guests in the long run.

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If you have queries regarding our hotel furniture, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to accommodate you during our office hours. Tiger Furniture will ensure you have the best furniture partnered with the best service in the industry.