Hotel Seating

Hotel Seating

Inside and Outside Hotel Seating  with fast UK delivery – Large range with Low prices

The Tiger furniture selection of hotel seating including chairs, stools and benches to compliment your indoor and outdoor spaces

Hotel Seating

Creating your indoor or outdoor space at your hotel always demands much thought and inspiration.

Seating Choices

Whether it's the contemporary look that you're trying to achieve or you prefer the more vintage look choosing the right hotel seating is vital for your customers comfort and enjoyment.

Vintage Hotel Seating

In recent times the the vintage look has very much crept in as the choice for, not just large hotel chains, but also smaller independent hotels who realise the importance of an up to date look.

Contemporary Seating Styles

Depending on the image and feel that you'd like to create cost is always going to require forethought. Together with our large range of hotel seating we also offer a large range of tables to enhance the various areas of your hotel.

Delivery to you

Compared to many UK suppliers we have one of the fastest delivery services available so why not order on line today or contact us to discuss your requirements.